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Whiskey Live

We always enjoy whiskey live, a unique opportunity to reconnect with the community of distillers, blenders, ambassadors and most important whiskey drinkers. For Moira and I it is the instant reaction you get from people when they try your drinks or share a story – theirs, yours or the brands. It becomes a re-energizing place to be where everyone is sparking off each other.

This year for us was the majoring on the Silkie upgrade. We had wanted to bring bottling in-house for over a year but had to work through the revenue loops and wanted to take the opportunity to take out some of the sherry wood that gave the effect of peat smoke and replace it with the hint of peated single malt that for me should mark out Donegal whiskeys. Bringing the bottling in house also saw a step up in ABV to 46% as we don’t have a chill-filtration unit. It went down really well and though the plan was not to talk about the liquid change so overtly it just seemed the most natural thing so that’s what we did.

The sneak peak we gave some at our “Dark Side” went down really well too and cant wait to get this to market for March next year. I really think that a smoky blend is the way to go, time will tell.