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Taste of Donegal

OMG what a day…..

Dougy (Hibernian bars) who made the bar showed me a sketch months ago and said don’t worry James and Moira, I’ll build you a beautiful bar you just have to trust me. Given some the harder times this year I’m not big on “trust me” statements but we have run out of time now and … my goodness he has done us proud.

We drew samples of the last trial of An Dúlamán Gin (we love it) to gauge reaction and see if we are on to a winner. Boys oh boys … what reactions.

People Love it.

The trade guys love it.

The MCM guys love it.

Paul Flynn keeps popping back for another go at it.

A chef for New York who happened to be there loved it so much that I had to write down his expletive ridden description (all good) might make it on to the neck tag.

Peggy Stringer (who knows her gin) loves it.

Orhan from Harveys Point loves it.

The guys at Solis Lough Eske love it.

Everyone loves it. Hand made in Donegal.

It was Dee’s first day with the Distillery I’m not sure she knows what to make of it all, but as a local girl coming home this must be pretty special.

For Moira and me … relief, a wonderful, comforting, relief.

We will sleep well tonight.