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In Donegal, a seanchaí (pronounced shan-a-key) is the keeper of an area's oral tradition. Someone who imbibes stories, myths, facts and folklore and fuses them together to recount rich tales. They are the people who give a place its true identity. 

In owning a cask of Ardara Distillery’s whiskey, you become one of our Seanchaí. The stories you tell of your cask will help us reclaim Donegal’s distilling heritage and build the legend.

While many may look at cask ownership purely as an investment opportunity - and with the dramatic growth in Irish whiskey, rarity of heavily peated Irish whiskey and cast iron guarantees we offer, it can be – at Sliabh Liag Distillers, we like to look well beyond the pure financials.

The resurgence of Irish whiskey is well documented but reclaiming peated Irish spirit for Donegal is what we are most passionate about. “Tá a fhios agat go bhfuil tú sa bhaile nuair atá an boladh de mhóin ann.” (You know you are home when you can smell the turf smoke).   

And it is really only here, in Donegal, that you could expect this approach.  And that’s not because we’re a contrary bunch who like to be different…  No. It’s because we have the upmost respect for tradition.  We have gone back in time to find the inspiration to move forward, and so have become single minded about the peated style of soft Irish whiskey we distil. 

It is an approach that is striking a chord with both the whiskey community and Donegal diaspora around the world who are joining the journey by investing in a cask of Ardara new-make spirit and becoming a Seanchaí. 

There are only 600 Seanchaí casks available – once they’re are gone, they’re gone.  

Our brochure has all the options for purchasing a cask of spirit listed, and the additional benefits of being a member highlighted.  The application form has the essential T&Cs – we’re proud to have created the ‘Gold Standard of Cask Owner Programmes.’ 

To discuss in person, complete the form below or please reach out directly to:
Rosie Doherty, Bígí Linn Manager  

Email: bigilinn@sliabhliagdistillers.com 
Tel (Distillery): + 353 (0) 74 9739875 

Seanchaí Membership

As a Seanchaí you will be a member of an exclusive club limited to 600 in number. The club will be made up of whiskey aficionados and enthusiasts from around the world and local supporters and friends of the distillery.

As a Seanchaí you will own one the first casks produced at the distillery.

Your support of the distillery will be publicly acknowledged through certification of membership and with your name engraved on a ring around the base of the intermediate copper still.

You will receive samples taken from your cask on the 3rd and 5th anniversaries of its filling.

The distillery will be open to you by appointment to take further samples and to enjoy personal tastings and free tours.

There will be a loyalty card providing a 10% discount off spirit purchases at the distillery (20% on non-spirit purchases).

Your cask will be stored safely and maintained for you for a minimum of 5 years, fully insured against risk of loss.

We will keep you updated on what we are doing and invite you to milestone events.

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