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I have always needed a cause, to make a difference and make things better than when I found them.  For much of my career I have managed to find that. Latterly though the companies got bigger and the roles increasingly became risk management, not capturing opportunity, not about making a difference, not about people, not about being decisive, not about an ambitious future. Too many nots and as I am neither a sailor nor a boy scout it is time for a change.

For 4 years I had been pondering with the idea of setting up a distillery in the area my parents hail from. The ideas, hypotheses and plans coalescing and crystallising, slowly sharpening up in focus and gaining edges. Right up to the point where we made the decision to act.

Well it’s all changed now. Having stepped off the corporate merry go round the reporting rhythms, the meeting schedules, the objective setting, the performance measurement has all gone. It’s all up to us from here on, no longer part of one unwieldy risk management portfolio of box ticking.

Ironically everything is at risk now…