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Well she is free to beguile now. The first Silkie’s have been released onto the Irish market and we are being very clear that this is a blend of whiskies and an independent bottling. The consolidation in Irish whiskey has been so brutal that in many ways the category is in its relative infancy. I would argue that Jameson succeeds not because it is Irish but because Pernod Ricard have found it gets more traction that its blended Scotch portfolio but that’s for another day.

We have chosen to work with MCM Brands – a local spirits distributor. Met William and like the no nonsense cut of his jib and we can build a business together. Fits well with keeping the Donegal base and with their local knowledge and countrywide reach we should be able to get a strong presence in Ireland. Once we have that base of credible distribution here we can start overseas but for now let’s make sure we are available and credible here.

Strangely it feels like a long time coming but that would bely the emotions that come from seeing something that you have been kicking around in your head for a while coming to fruition and sitting on a shelf in a Off-licence or behind a bar, or better still in a glass in someone’s hand and being enjoyed.

Silkie Press Release