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Meabh last run before moving out

One final An Dúlamán, Irish Maritime Gin distillation in Carrick for Moira before our tiny but mighty still Méabh, moves to The Ardara Distillery next week. The extra space in Carrick is needed to create more capacity for bottling Silkie Irish Whiskey as orders continue to come in from around the world. Our bottling, admin and operations hub will stay in Carrick and distilling will now take place in Ardara.

Here are Moira’s thoughts:

There are a couple of reasons our gin still is called Maebh. Firstly it means “She who intoxicates or bringer of great joy” and making An Dúlamán brings me a great deal of joy. The second reason being that Maebh’s home in Carrick was only a temporary one while we built the distillery in the Bull Field where she was to be placed facing down the bay and across to Sligo and Knocknaree, the burial place of Queen Maebh. The Queen is said to be buried standing facing her enemies in Ulster so our Maebh was going to defiantly keep an eye on her.

Unfortunately this was not to be and so we move on ………. Maebh moved to our Ardara Distillery where she has switched from being the biggest, brightest character in the room to now being tucked under the mezzanine floor next to the whiskey stills until we build her her own building next to the reception. Distilling with Sean in Carrick for the last time was almost as exciting as moving to our own purpose built distillery and the next part in Maebh’s adventure. She and I are hatching some plans and will in time be exploring some new An Dúlamán variants.

At the end of July 2023 we will be bottling our precious Sliabh Liag – Kilcar Malt Whiskey made by us with Maebh in Carrick, the first legal whiskey distilled in Donegal for 182 years. Now that will be a huge day for us and beautiful Maebh!

Watch this space.

Moira x