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Getting Out There

Distribution is pushing ahead, always slower than you want but getting there, with the help of Bart and old friend now living in Dubai we have more feet on the street.

We have Harmomex in Germany on board for An Dúlamán now to complement Sonnenschein who have The Silkie so things will start to move in Germany now. We get a particularly high number of German visitors to the Distillery so there must be a “Donegal” connection there somewhere.

Landed VDS UK too which is exciting. They have a nice premium craft portfolio and have a really strong on line presence with Fine Wine Sellers and a strong relationship with Amazon which should make for some interesting conversations. Met Luke and the team in Bronte just off Trafalgar Square and a good working lunch kicked things off.

It was exciting to see a pallet heading off to Truebell in the UAE, for such a small operation, each order is a victory and I know Moira is feeling the pressure to keep producing and get the stock out the door…

Not sure how I tell her we have an order for a full container to South Africa, though if I mention that the Gin Banríon might have to take a spin to Cape Town to launch I think I might just get away with it.