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Dom and John

SABMiller didn’t really suit me, don’t get me wrong its an organisation I have profound respect for and am immensely glad that we got to work on Peroni with some great people and live in Hong Kong even for a couple of years. if you had told Moira or me that we would ever live in a city at all let alone one as iconic as Hong Kong we would never have believed you but we did and along the way met some massively charismatic, highly intelligent people and had a lot of fun.

I have for some time been trying to track down Domenic De Lorenzo. I enjoyed working with him, his challenge, his style, his ability to ask the question I didn’t want asked and finally tracked him down – post ABI-SABM.

We asked him if he would join us and help guide us through the next phase of our development and he agreed! Not only that he brought with him John Davidson. I only met John briefly in my time with SABM but he has a sage quality to him, subtle, direct and wonderfully articulate we feel really privileged that they have joined the Meitheal. Can’t wait to get them over here and show them where we have got to. This strengthens our team hugely….and they believe in legacy.

You know what John would make a fine Chairman.