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Teaghlach (pronounced Chai-lach) is a Donegal term for family and is the name we give to all our investors. Join our exciting future alongside 1,200 fellow private individuals from our first crowdfund raise, Irish governmental agencies, major multinational drinks companies and personalities as we take the next step in our long-term mission:

To reclaim the distilling heritage of Donegal

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Since our last crowdfund raise in 2020, we have delivered on everything we said we would. We completed phase one of the Ardara Distillery in just 52 weeks, and are now making beautifully soft, rich, smoky single malt and pot still whiskeys.

We have expanded our footprint to 40 countries, including 41 states of the USA, a critically important market that accounts for around half of all Irish whiskey sales globally.

We are nearing 250,000 bottles sold since we began, which is testament to the quality of our product – we have won ‘double gold medals’ and ‘best in class’ for our products regularly – and the diligence of our now 26-strong meitheal (work gang).

We are fiercely proud of what we have achieved, but there is more to be done to meet our mission and to capitalise on the forecast doubling of the Irish whiskey market by 2030.

Why are we looking for investment?

It was always our plan to hold a further crowdfunding raise at this time to give another opportunity to those already invested, and open up to others who are new to us, or were unable to commit last time for whatever reason.

Those who appreciate our differences – whether that’s in the flavour of our super-premium products or our locality in Donegal’s wild, beautiful and unique landscape and culture – have an opportunity to share in our success.

The funds secured in this round should allow us to expand capacity at the Ardara Distillery from 440,000 to 600,000 litres of alcohol a year, ensuring we have stocks to meet future demand in the years to come. We also wish to extend the visitor centre and gin hall as tourism returns to the region and to finally commence development at the Bull Field, where we have planning permission for a second distillery. And finally, working capital will help us to accelerate our brands to break-even.

Crowdfunding: Register your interest




It has always been our intention to offer enthusiastic whiskey fans, Donegalians and those with an interest in long-term investments the opportunity to join our journey and have the chance to share in our success. We have already secured funding from 1,200 investors through our first crowdfund raise, a number of governmental agencies and drinks giant Asahi Holdings Group, and are seeking an additional €1.5m to conduct phase 2 build of our new distillery in Ardara, which will help us scale up and compete for the rapidly expanding market. Now is the right time to invite others to join and offer another opportunity to those already invested.

When you invest in equity you buy a percentage or share of a business. Hopefully the business you have backed goes on to make an ‘exit’ (by floating on the stock market or via a sale to another company) at a higher value than when you invested, and you will get a return on your investment and make a profit.

Just remember that investing in a start-up business carries significant risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of your investment and dilution. You can read more about these risks on the Crowdcube website.

Crowdcube is a platform which enables businesses to attract investment from professionals and venture capital firms, as well as from everyday investors. They have facilitated crowdfunding raises for BrewDog, Cotswold Distillers, East London Liquor Company, Camden Town Brewery and more. Learn more about Crowdcube here.

The campaign will go live on Monday 20th June to pre-registered users. Register on this page to be sent our private crowdfund live link. It will then go live to other platform subscribers on Wednesday 22nd June. The private live period is to allow investors close to the Company to invest before others in the event the target is reached and the raise period ends early.

You must be over 18 years old and legally entitled to invest. You’ll also need to be a resident of Ireland, UK or a country where you may legally receive financial promotions of the nature provided. See more details on the Crowdcube website. Eligible Sliabh Liag Distillers Bigi Linn members will be notified and given access first. You will need to be a Crowdcube member to invest – sign up on their website here and they will ensure that you may invest.

To invest in the Sliabh Liag Distillers crowdfunding, you must sign up to Crowdcube on their website. Once you’ve signed up and the Sliabh Liag Distillers crowdfunding round has opened (remember eligible Sliabh Liag Distillers users who have registered their interest via this page will get first access), you’ll be able to invest via the Crowdcube website. Your money will not be taken until the round has officially closed and the cooling-off period has ended.

Yes, pre-registered eligible Sliabh Liag Distillers fans will be notified first via email when the raise goes live. The Crowdcube website site will then be live to platform subscribers from Wednesday 22nd June. Signup with Crowdcube in advance to be notified.

You’ll be able to see this information, and more, in our investor presentation on the Crowdcube platform when the campaign goes live. At this stage, we can confirm that the valuation of the business continues to increase from previous funding rounds and you will be investing on the same terms as the previous investors who invested in A shares.

Any investment caps will be displayed on the Sliabh Liag Distillers investment page on the Crowdcube website once the crowdfunding is live.

Asahi, one of Japan’s largest drinks companies, have invested €3m and Udaras na Gaeltachta, an Irish governmental body, has invested €0.25m. Several notable drinks industry leaders have also invested, along with 1,200 friends, local Donegal business leaders, and those who believe in us from our first crowdfund raise in 2020. In total c€9m has been invested in the Company.

Sliabh Liag Distillers is a private company, which means it doesn’t trade on a stock exchange. This means you can only sell Sliabh Liag Distillers shares when a ‘liquidity event’ occurs. A liquidity event occurs when the whole or part of the company is sold, it lists on an exchange, or it sells a major asset such as a brand. To make a return, Sliabh Liag Distillers would need to enter a ‘liquidity event’ where its shares are valued at a higher value than when you invested, making you a return on your investment. The size and timing of a liquidity event are inherently uncertain and the directors can only endeavour to ensure that they occur when anticipated.

Yes. EIS tax relief is available to UK investors, and EIIS tax relief is available to investors in Ireland. Further information on this is available from the Crowdcube platform once it goes live.