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It is quite astonishing how much money local charities can generate. This small rural community in what the government would no doubt class as a “disadvantaged” area generates more than €20,000 to fund the cancer bus. Donegal has been poorly served by successive governments of every hue such that anyone blighted by cancer has to go to Galway for treatment and it takes a charity to fill in the service between Donegal and Galway.

The generosity of farmers, local businesses and the community to come together, for an enjoyable day of fundraising is something special.

We have been kicking around some ideas for accelerating the business. How to give some local belief, how to make the project feel tangible and for me how to keep distribution relationships active while we develop the distilleries. While in Hong Kong Moira and I developed some brand concepts and we have pulled forward the development of The Silkie. I have sourced a blend of malt and grain with a lovely soft profile that has that elegant touch we were after.

We donated the first 3 bottles to the auction and we had to get some sample bottles ready and were frantically making up labels, signing them and filling bottles in the kitchen. The response was superb and they made in excess of 300 euros each.

Good to be able to give something back