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Cask Strength Crusade

We distil and blend whiskeys the way we like them and you will know by now that soft hard spirits is our thing. I’m a mood drinker and whether it’s a blend or a malt for pleasure it always has ice, I’ve even been known to add a mixer (but don’t tell anyone). Maybe is a hangover from our time in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Under oppressive regimes everything gets driven underground and make no mistake this COVID regime is oppressive – necessary but oppressive and has a relentlessness to it that is exhausting. COVID has been a theif, tt has stolen some of the simple joys – it has stolen the leaving cert debs and hugs with my mum. But one thing that even this regime seems to be totally inadequate for is its ability to stop the whiskey tribe. 

The whiskey community hasn’t gone underground its gone on-line, and we have probably never been so blessed with chances to interact, even if it lacks the intrinsic humanity of being in person. Be it tweet tastings, zoom tastings, whiskey chats or virtual lock ins there has probably never been so much interaction. The format may be slightly off beat and takes a bit of getting used to but damn its effective.

So COVID has given us new fora/forums (pendants please delete as appropriate) to discuss, and discuss we have. We have been questioned and encouraged and challenged and while its important to stay focussed you still need to listen. A couple of years ago I was chatting with Mark at Dingle about their range and, for me, its relative complexity. They were committed to Cask Strength and I was unconvinced, but then I pondered some more.

My twitter-orbit collided with the whiskey twitter-verse and the #CaskStrengthCrusade started to gain momentum. I received a few messages from the crusaders who were Dark Silkie fans challenging us to bottle Dark Silkie at Cask Strength. We drew off some samples but it’s a massive 64%, really, who drinks that kind of strength? Will it work? How many bottles?

A couple of tiny samples for some of the crusaders– they loved it. So a very limited release it is 210 bottles  – jeez I hope this works, we are in the middle of the crowdfunding, cant afford to fail!!!

Will it? 

Will it ever? 

Sold out in less than a day! 

Don’t tell Moi but I think we will have to do this again.