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Join Our Meitheal

 Phonetically “meh-hill” – Meitheal is a word still used in Donegal today. It means a coming together of family, friends and neighbours to get a job done. Our Meitheal needs committed members who share our beliefs and brand values and who want to join us on our journey, and to make it their journey. 

Against a backdrop of rapid growth in Irish Whiskey and a striking global shift to super-premium spirits categories, our mission is to reclaim the distilling heritage of Donegal and create a legacy that everyone can be fiercely proud of. The calling is to recreate the rich authentic spirits and challenging smoky Irish whiskies from a time before the industrial revolution. We achieve this by harnessing the knowledge and legends of the Sliabh Liag peninsula to bring a modern, confident Donegal Gaeltacht to the world through differentiated super-premium spirits brands. 

We are also Seanchaí (phonetically: “shana-key”), the storytellers, respecting lore and building for the long term. We work with courage and conviction and if we can’t work with both then we won’t do it. We love what we do, sometimes just for the “devilment”. 

See below for our current vacancies.

Sales & Marketing Meithael

Our presentation to the world is full of continuous innovation, sparkling ideas, and enthusiastic
engagement, both through multiple marketing channels and face-to-face with our distributors and consumers.

There are no vacancies right now but as soon as there is an opportunity it will show up here.


We are reclaiming the distilling heritage of Donegal and crafting spirit brands that have a unique sense of place and time. Savoury Maritime Gins and Whiskeys that bridge from the pre-prohibition smoky taste of Irish Whiskey to more modern styles. If you want to help make Donegal the Islay of Ireland come and join us.

Visitor and Retail Meitheal

This is where we all get to meet our real audience. Welcoming our followers to the distillery and providing them with a world-class experience is one of the most important areas of distillery life. We need fantastically engaging people, committed to hospitality and customer service.

There are no vacancies right now but as soon as there is an opportunity it will show up here.

Finance and Administration Meitheal

Early stage companies provide enormous scope for tackling a multitude of complex challenges. Growth and change are the name of the game. Scaling up, developing new systems and bringing ever greater sophistication to bear to allow us to control expansion and leverage business intelligence is the order of the day.

There are no vacancies right now but as soon as there is an opportunity it will show up here.